The design of this pedal was inspired by the aspiration to rival clipless pedals. Our aim was to ensure that riders establish a seamless and secure connection with their bike, eliminating any possibility of slippage allowing riders to confidently conquer anything whether its at the bike park, dirt jumps, pump track, bmx track or your local trails.

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We wanted to create a mountain bike handlebar that could endure the most powerful impacts while also providing unparalleled comfort for a great value. We meticulously balanced the level of rigidity to ensure utmost accuracy, while incorporating just the right amount of flexibility to ensure your hands remain comfortable throughout the day.


Our Goal

Our ultimate aim for the TACTIC AIR1 was to create the absolute best pair of alloy mountain bike flat pedals. We devoted hundreds of hours to ensure that this pedal met our expectations of durability and excellent grip. In addition to our testing, the AIR1 was put to the test in EFBE's facility in Waltrop, Germany, to ensure that they are certified for gravity riding. Generally, the thinnest mountain bike flat pedals on the market do not offer much pedal grip because the body of the pedal is flat and does not actually have a concave platform reducing the amount of pressure on the pedal pins. Some brands may assert that the concave feel is created by tall pins at the front and rear and small pins in the middle, the actual difference is in the pedal platform design.

tactic raceway handlebar with gloss and matt finish

Better Foot Placement, Better Riding

We believe pedals are one of the most important components on a bicycle for any riding style, because it's one of two points that connects you to the bike. Having a flat pedal with a large platform and solid grip allows you to not only have a better foot position but also increases your ability to ride faster and become more comfortable on the bike while on technical and rough terrain. Not to mention we have the only pedal that carries a protection system to keep your pedals looking new.

Smooth Performance

High load IGUS® bushings and sealed bearings for smooth performance. Replacement parts are available as well allowing the AIR1 pedal to be fully rebuildable. Weight distribution has been perfected to reduce bearing blowout.

Pedal design of Tactic Air 1 Flat Pedal

Perfected Body Shape

This large pedal body along with the front and rear edges has been perfected to not only enhance your riding ability but also designed to deflect rocks to reduce harsh rock strikes with the sloped leading edge.

Adidas FiveTen mountain bike shoe on Black Tactic Air 1 Flat Pedal

custom designed pedal axle

Heat-treated 4140 Cr-Mo steel axle for increased strength and durability. Our own custom designed axle assembly allows the flat pedal to flex and absorb small vibrations.

Products we love

Every product we sell are products all of team Tactic actually likes riding. Thousands of hours have been put in to make the best flat pedals and bars. The Tactic AIR1 mountain bike flat pedals provide incredible grip for all shoe sizes, (size 7 to 17 with @nrml_mtber) with nine stainless steel pins per side perfectly placed around the pedal. For many riders the AIR1 mountain bike pedals give the freedom of feeling locked in without actually being locked like clipless pedals.

Don't take our word for it


Best bar bend I have ever used. The bar height is perfect and keeps my back feeling great all day.

Dillon Schwartz

San Bruno, CA


I used to have composite pedals on my bike and once I changed to nice aluminum flat pedals like the AIR1s it was instantly a game changer.

Eric Schiener

Pacifica, CA


I switched from Crankbrothers Stamp 11s to the AIR1 flat pedals and I did not think you could feel a difference in concaveness. All I have to say is wow I am impressed.

Gianni Duff

Novato, CA


Once I switched from composite pedals to alloy flat pedals by Tactic which have taller pins than my previous pedals, I felt like a different rider. Best flat pedals ever!!

Logan Richardson

Novato, CA


Honestly could not have been happier with the AIR1 pedal. There is so much traction and have withstood so many hard hits. These are the best flat pedals I have ever ridden.

Trent Blake

San Francisco, CA